the chill of fall is here my friend
soon there will be frost
August is but a memory
July forever lost
the days fly by like blowing leaves
rattling along the wind
the light flees the sky earlier now
into a night without end
leaves change color daily
orange red and yellow
this world is in need of rest
a pleasant doddering fellow
winter will replace the fall
the wind the bones will chill
the snow will drop deep and wet
children ride down the hill
the winter air is lovely
crisp cool and clean
but winter will also pass
making way for spring
during this season the rain will fall
it is the rite of spring
plants will return to life
bathing the world in green
flowers bloom a rainbow
a feast for every eye
almost as quickly they are gone
far too fast to cry
summer is upon us again
heat mixes with the birds call
just as quickly it is gone
we then return to fall

The Valley

the morning breaks across the hill
bathing the valley new
the grasses sparkle wildly
as sun caresses the dew

the smells of nature ring clear and sweet
floating along the mist
the smell of flower and of trees
with a little decay mixed.

life often springs from ashes
or the remains of other life.
a sprout rises brave and true
parting soil like a knife.

a rabbit hops among the grass
appearing quite aloof
but ever casting a wary eye
for the fox or for the wolf

I sit within the valley still
over some with joy and pride
I help to nourish the grass, the trees
like others who have died.

do not weep, do not be sad
that I no longer live on the lane
my essence, my love is crystal clear
a single drop of rain