standing at the corner

bathed in the midnight moon
waitin’  for the meeting
he should be here soon
I am certain this is the place
where things are bought and sold
I gotta make my best deal
before I become too old
there is a vile smell
sulfur floats in the air
gotta get this thing done
do it while I dare
he’s not coming round tonight
got others to deceive
not going to waste the time
on one that don’t believe
the voice startles me and
I step back in fear
how could I not know
that another was so near
although her mouth was smiling
her eyes were cold as death
seemed like hours had passed
while I coyly held my breath
you got nothing to trade as
you have every believed in naught
never helped a single soul
never defended a single thought
when you are trading nothing
you get nothing in return
maybe you understand
perhaps you may yet learn
so I stand at the crossroad
alone and full of fright
never shall I return
not another fearful night
many spend their life with faith
I spend my life and know
I was saved from death this night
‘neath the moon’s pale glow.

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